Sobrane is a street artist who is making waves around the world. Her work adorns the walls of myriad far flung locations from Port Hedland to Soriano (Italy). Sobrane draws inspiration from her dusty North West Australian tropical paradise home of Broome. The birdlife of her surrounding country is vibrant and spectacular, characteristics that she translates immediately onto canvas and tin.

Not willing to be constrained, Sobrane explores a plethora of styles and mediums to bring life and energy to her subjects. Frequently she will use upwards of 5 mediums on her paintings in efforts to truly grasp the unique nature and playfulness of her birds. Each painting, like their captured characters, demands a unique style and pallet of mediums ranging from pastels and acrylics to charcoal and coffee.

Wishing to invigorate and highlight the creativity of Broome, Sobrane has made a concerted effort to bring life and colour to many otherwise dominating and uninspiring walls around town. She has painted enough walls to make a “Sobrane Safari” a day’s outing full of awe and great coffee.

Inspired by the glorious cacophonous mess that is a flock of red tailed black cockatoos, Sobrane has endeavoured on her greatest art piece yet. She plans on emblazoning at least 20 cars, truck and vans with massive redtails, potentially creating the largest art installation in the world as the flock is released and disseminates around Australia.

Globally, Sobrane is receiving accolades and success for her work. Recently, Sobrane’s debut portrait, “Boo”, won the people’s choice award at the Shinju Matsuri art awards. Through her galleries in Australia and exhibitions in Rome, Singapore and Hong Kong, Sobrane’s work has also found its way into collections all around the globe.

Sobrane puts her heart and soul into her work, she embeds a passion and vitality into each and every painting that is visceral and contagious. Each work is a reflection and celebration of the personality and life of the captured creatures.